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Sam and Freddie started off with a love-hate relationship, showing strong feelings of dislike towards each other, constantly fighting and arguing.

In i Love You, they break up because of how little they have in common, but they state that they love each other and share their final kisses in the elevator. Sam: [chuckles] Hate you, too.(i Kiss) --- Freddie: Maybe Carly’s right.

Their relationship has been brought up in i Pear Store.

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The two never had a proper goodbye, and Dan said that he wants to get Nathan on Sam & Cat for more Sam and Freddie fun. In the Season 4 special i OMG, it was revealed that Sam is in love with Freddie when she unexpectedly kisses him at school during the "lock-in." This is the second time they shared a kiss, i Kiss being the first. In i Lost My Mind, Freddie kisses Sam live on the i Carly webshow, showing that he has also feelings for her. They eventually become a couple as of i Date Sam & Freddie. Freddie: [calling after Sam with a smile as she climbs over the window-ledge] Hey, I hate you. In i Date Sam & Freddie, Sam and Freddie go on a date in a purple booth. It is because of it's color (purple) which happens to be the Seddie color. This is because this is where Sam and Freddie had their first kiss and the official Seddie song "Running Away" is playing while they had their kiss in i Kiss.

This episode is the only time we see the fire escape.

Yet, they still have deep feelings for each other, which were made clear by the fact that they declared their love for each other. They have kissed eleven times; ten, on the lips, once on the cheek. Sam: [shocked and at a loss for words]Freddie: [opens the door with a cable in his hand] Hey, can I run upstairs for a second and install these ca-- [sees Carly and Sam - stares at her with a shocked face]Sam: [with an angry look] You spoke of it!

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